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FORMERTRON Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was registered in 1997 and we have been in the Engineering Manufacturing business since 1992 when we originally started out as a small Transformer Mandrel Repair Shop. We have steadily grown to meet the global demand ever since. Today many of our satisfied customers around the world have lowered their production costs because of our competitive pricing as well as the reliability, flexibility, scalability and accuracy of our products.

We primarily cater to high voltage transformer manufacturers. Our products include Transformer Winding Machine, Formers, Mandrels, Tools, Machinery, and other Transformer Equipment. Over time we have become Industry Leaders in the design and manufacture of State-Of-The-Art Innovative Process Solutions, for the 40-300KV Power and Distribution Transformer Industry across the globe.

Formertron Transformer Winding Machines work seamlessly, not only with Formertron Coil Winding Mandrels but they also work with your existing coil winding machines. We manufacture Horizontal and Vertical Winding Machines, Pit Type, Platform Type, as well as our unique in-place-tilting Winding Machines, which eliminates the need for a separate upender. If our existing designs do not meet your specifications, we custom design and build to suit your needs at no additional cost.

Our Expanding Adjustable Mandrels range in diameter from 180mm to 2800mm (approximately 7" to 110"). We manufacture several customized ranges of Expandable Winding Mandrels to suit all your coil-winding needs. We boast of high quality accuracy, and precision in our Transformer Winding Mandrels, which do not exceed a variance of more that 1.5 mm across the diameter of the entire working length. Our unique mandrel product design not only eliminates buckling of coils, but also eliminates the polygonal effect on your coils wound on Formertron Mandrels.

We invite you to browse Our Products Link above, for more information on all our products: Coil Lifting Clamp, S-Bender, Inner Bay Motorized Trolley, Transformer Core Building Tables, Transformer Coil Preparation Tables, Coil Compacting Press, Horizontal Winding Machine, Vertical Winding Machine and various Expandable Mandrels. We offer competitive pricing and quick delivery on all our products.

FORMERTRON is a fast growing company and our Goal is to Exceed Our Customers' Expectations through Excellence and Accuracy. We strive to Get the Job Done Right, the First Time, Every Time! If you are in the Power Transformer or Distribution Transformer business, we look forward to serving you.

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